DAM – Digital Assets Management® 

A boutique venture to enable people and companies to manage their digital assets such as domain names efficiently. The venture is promoted by alumni from prominent universities and business schools.

DAM’s goal is to enable sustainable development of businesses on the most premium digital assets available in the market.

We have a simple motto – Serving the customer’s customer, which enables your customers to reach you with ease, and that journey starts with the domain name you use to connect with your customers. 


Transactions and Monitoring
Personalized Offerings


Domain Name Consulting

We guide you on choosing your domain name, it’s availability in the market – new registrations, as well as domain names available in the aftermarket. 

Domain Portfolio Analysis

We make it easier for you to optimize your domain portfolio. Are you having hundreds of domain names, yet lacking the crucial ones? Are your domain names resolving properly? We conduct an analysis of your existing portfolio based on many such parameters, and provide recommendations to optimize it.

Transactions and Monitoring

Domain Name Acquisition

Acquiring a domain name is an art.  For any domain, we consider its availability, usage, future plans, budget, current registrant, willingness to lease/sell, negotiations, securing the name, and payment settlement. We enable acquisition through multiple methods – outright purchase, lease, lease-to-own, financing, equity options etc.

Even names that may not appear to be available in the market, may be made available after reaching out personally to their owners. 

Stealth Acquisition – If you do not wish to tip-off your competitor’s regarding an acquisition, till it is made, we do it on your behalf. 


Domain Name Management

We offer domain name management services across multiple global registrars, wherein we will manage your domain names, and ensure they point to the right name servers.


Brand Name Monitoring

Many companies do not have dedicated domain name managers. Often, fraudsters start similar sites, leading to bad reputation as well as major losses to companies. We can help you prevent this by actively monitoring the market for such infringing names and activities, and informing you of the same, along with possible solutions. 


Domain Traffic Services

We make category specific domains available for forwarding to your primary website, leading to increased exposure.

Personalized Offerings

360° - Customized Domain Offerings

A unique initiative where premium domain names are made available to startups, solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, non-profits as well as larger clients on multiple models – lease, EMI, domain financing, equity based ownership etc.

Perfection - Personalized Emails and Short URLs

Have you ever wanted a short personalized url for your marketing campaigns especially those on mobile and social media? Are you tired of using long online meeting links? Or are you simply tired of the public short urls which might arouse security concerns?

Are you aware the difference it makes in using a common email versus a custom email?

We take care of these, and more. Take your business to the next level by using our Perfection service

Startups & Entrepreneur’s

If you are a startup or an entrepreneur, we offer Domain Name Consulting in which we guide you on choosing a domain name, it’s availability in the market, alternate options available. We also offer Domain Acquisition as well as Management services. We understand affordability is a major factor and we have designed our 360° platform keeping this in mind. 

We also enable Startups and Entrepreneur’s to register with us to make their details available to Investor’s in the market. Connect with us through the contact form.


Are you a corporate or a VC/Angel Investor looking to invest in any of the ventures on names sourced through us? 

Would you like to involve us in recommending names for ventures you have invested in?

Connect with us through the contact form.

Serving hundreds of customers across the globe

“DAM helped us secure the website name for our company. Our conversions have magnified since then” 

New York

“We acquired a short premium name through Anshul in 2017. We were kept aware of all steps during the deal. They are experts in this field and we acquire all our names through them”

Tamil Nadu

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